Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One world one government conspiracy

OWOG is a satanic conspiracy


done by a group of zionist who wants to rule the world. For this they have done years of planning and got success in reducing world population

and controlling human minds by influencing human on the three most significant thing lust, anger and ego. From rich to poor and from educated to uneducated they have the minds through politics, media, glamour, intoxicating liquors & tobacco products.
Planning for India was done much before the independence when they open their first liquor shop in Calcutta

and make a policy of divide and rule which I still going on in the name of religion (Hindu, Muslim )and caste (Maharashtrain and Bihari).
Unaware of the conspiracy some of our politicians help them for money and fame. Spoiling culture through glamour and diminishing values of relationship through movies and serials. Destroying economic by making habit of using their products most probably those which are used daily (Nestle, Milkmaid, Coca-Cola Starbucks, etc.). Spoiling youths through illegitimate activities in the name of advancement.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Be logical to believe the existence of god.

Nowadays there are immemorial debates and arguments going amongst Theists and Atheists about existence of god, such arguments are known as "atheological arguments."

Theists accept their own argument that God does abide because contrarily from area this actuality has alone down. They accept in the aesthetics of maker. If affair is there, again there has to be addition who has fabricated it. Since universe is there - there has to be addition who has fabricated it. The maker of the universe can be alleged as God. He is not alone a maker but additionally He is a regulator. He forms rules and regulations.

Atheists abduction aforementioned altercation and prove their point. They say if there is absolutely a charge of a maker again that maker too needs addition maker. He cannot be an exception. He additionally should appear beneath the aforementioned rule. That agency God additionally needs some added Super God who has fabricated the God. This way amount never ends and goes ad infinitum Science and technology has leaped advanced afar advanced but acumen to this is not in sight. Theist and Atheists both are at loggerheads and abide to draft their own trumpets.

For other it is indeed a puzzle within a puzzle that any cool computer and science auger can solve. For me it is just a logic that every person can accept that the god does exist. Guys just think logically that a even a small pin doesn’t itself exist, it is created by us. Just like that a small pin doesn’t have the ability than how come you think that such a big world get exist without any creator and the creator is god. He has created the world and he has send messengers like Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Jesus, Moses and many others who were appointed as the witness, so that they can give out the existence of god and how he had created the world.

On every phases of their life they have thought us about the existence of god through various miracle and examples. One of the example which made an impact in my life, was when I was hearing the speech of Mr. Firoz Haider a professor who talk about an event which took place long back ago. There was a sailor who did not believe in god and his existence. He was staying in yemen and had came to Saudi Arabia to deliver the goods.

While in saudi Arabia he came to know about Jaffar Sadiq grandson of prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and one of the scholar of islam who was preaching and telling the people about the existence of god. Luckily he got the chance to meet him and he asked about the existence of god. On asking Jaffar Sadiq replied that you are a sailor and while sailing you must have face terrible climatic condition. He said yes once I was stuck in a huge storm where I was in horrible situation and wouldn’t be able to understand what to do. At one moment I thought that I won’t be able to get out of this horrible situation. On this Jaffar Sadiq replied that on that particular moment did you feel in your heart that there is some one who can do the miracle and save your life. Sailor said yes on one moment I was feeling in my heart there is some one who can save my life and on that hope I was able to get out of the situation. Jaffar Sadiq replied that the feeling that you got in your heart was nothing but the existence of god.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Western Policies – “Use women as a weapon to mislead youngsters”

A study funded that main policy of the western is to misleading youngsters by diverting their minds in glamorize activities. Children as young as fourteen are being influence to involve in erotic chatting, sensual dating and illegitimate sexual relationships.

Not only the teens many middle aged boys are been engrossed in it. One says “Hey did you saw that show the celebrity wearing two piece was looking sexy, I feel like would sex with her.” The other one “Look at that girl how big b**bs she have”. This and many more vulgarity talks are seem to hear while walking on the street, working in the office or traveling in a bus or train.

Adult movies, reality shows where celebrity stays in jungle and go bare in front of the camera, websites which includes sex talks and even news channels where the news reader getting nude.

I don’t know why there are no reality shows based on engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc etc. Why there are no movies having picturised on big tycoons how they struggle in their life to achieve that status. The only answer I got is that these are all operated by them. The themes of the shows and story are been provided by them.

With this conclusion I would advise my youngsters not to indulge in these activities. Please think of your career and help to develop the country and the world.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google A Birth Of Israel

It was September 2003, and the hundreds of students and faculty at the Israeli high school geared appear the brightest adolescent minds in mathematics crave to know all the youthful inventors had to say. Abounding of them articular with Brin because, like him, they had able with their families from mother Russia in chase of freedom. And they accompanying to Page aloof as eagerly, back he was allotment of the duo that had created the most powerful and accessible information tool “Google”.

Google was started when Sergey and Page were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in computer science, and they didn’t apperceive absolutely what they crave to do. Page got this crazy idea to download the complete web into his computer and told his adviser that it would take a week. After about a year or so some part was downloaded.

Page said that “Optimism is important and you accept to be a little asinine about your goals you are activity to set. There is a phrase I learn in college called, ‘Having a advantageous apathy for the impossible,’”. And also said “That is a absolutely acceptable phrase. You should try to do things that best people would not.”

With this powerful and accessible information tool the youth had afflicted the lives of millions of people by giving them free, burning admission to advice about any subject. And by actuality devilishly able in the internet age, they had created the best apperceive fresh cast in the apple after announcement to advance the name. The two were adroit businessmen and knew that to accomplish over time it was acute that they abide in complete ascendancy of their abreast endemic business and its arbitrary culture. It afflicted Page that abounding inventors die after anytime seeing the fruits of their labors. Determined to abstain a agnate fate he and Brin accepted how to use the appropriate admission admission to money and ablaze minds, raw accretion power, and a ability of bottomless possibilities to accomplish google a alarm and a magnet.

So Page started downloading the web and Sergey started allowance him because he was absorbed in abstracts mining and authoritative faculty of the information. Page said that as they told accompany about Google added and added bodies started application it. Pretty anon it accomplished 10,000 searches a day at Stanford. They sat about the allowance and looked at the apparatus and said, ‘This is about how abounding searches we can do and we charge added computers.’ Their accomplished history was been like that and they consistently charge added computers.

So they started a aggregation in Silicon Valley alluding to the growing technology area in Israel. Because the ability of the internet, the ability of the administration and the ability ofcomputer application and computers they had created big appulse on the world. Brin interjected that the pair’s across campaign included not alone Israel but additionally several European countries. They were on the cruise for talent, and they were because aperture fresh offices.

Having fled Russia with his ancestors for abandon from anti-Semitism and discrimination, Brin had article able in accepted with the acquaintance of abounding of the Russian built-in acceptance at the Israeli aerial school. His ancestor a algebraic assistant had captured the aspect of why he and his wife and adolescent son had larboard Russia back he said that one’s adulation of country is not consistently reciprocated. Sergey accustomed that he had a appropriate befalling to actuate these students, so he took the wireless micro buzz in hand, stood up and connected. He had been brash afore they came to the aerial academy that this accumulation absolutely was extraordinary, the best of breed, and the contempo recipients of all but three of the top mathematics prizes in the country.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disasters In America After Burning Of Quran

After the controversial stunt by Rev. Terry Jones and the deceptive sympathy of President Barack Obama to muslim, assuring quran will not burn on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 which was on Saturday.

The quran was burn by a idiot teabagger in the middle of NYC.

For more than a month Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida plans to host "Burn a Quran Day" to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The pastor, columnist of the book "Islam is of the Devil," is applying the burning to encourage American Christians to "stand up" to what he convey as a monolithic Muslim threat. For this controversial stunt a page was created on facebook as "Facebook Celebrate Everybody Burn Quran Day" and invite thousands to mail him Qurans to burn.

It’s doesn’t seem to understand why the social networking sites like facebook are influencing this type of stunt on their website. The purpose for creating this website is to bring the all us to closer and understand the values of each people. By doing this it has now hurt the sentiment of the respective religion. After this any one can create a page and hurt the sentiments of other religion like Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity etc. By this kind of controversial stunt done for the other communities and religion will effect facebook by banning it through the respective communities and religion.

In the past and recent years disasters such as volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, lahars (volcanic mudslides), avalanches, sinkholes, blizzards, landslides, hailstorms, heat waves, drought, typhoons, Ice Ages, tornadoes, tropical storms, wildfires and hurricane katrina were effected on the respective parts of the world by performing this types of activities like burning holy books of the respective religion.

It is high time to get worry, after the activities like burning of quran will effects disasters in America and other parts of the world who have supported it.